Blockchain Architecture 201

Blockchain Architecture 201

Blockchain Architecture 201

Dive deeper into blockchain complexities with a focus on security, risk management, governance, solution architecture, and its real-world implications.

Blockchain Architecture 201 is a comprehensive exploration of the advanced aspects of blockchain technology. This course offers a detailed analysis of blockchain security threats and vulnerabilities, the regulatory landscape, and risk management strategies. It then transitions into a practical discussion on considerations for designing blockchain solutions, the intricacies of blockchain governance, and an analysis of real-world blockchain projects. By the end of this course, you will gain a profound understanding of the complexities and practicalities of blockchain architecture, propelling you to make more informed and strategic decisions in your blockchain initiatives.

Questions explored:

  • What are the various threats and vulnerabilities at different levels of blockchain technology?
  • How does the regulatory landscape affect blockchain implementation and what are the anticipated changes?
  • What types of risks are associated with blockchain technology and how can they be managed?
  • What factors need to be considered while architecting a blockchain solution?
  • How does governance work in the context of blockchain technology, and how does it impact real-world blockchain projects?

Courses in this Certificate Program

  • 4 Total Hours
  • OnDemand: 4 Hours
  • Tuition: $249
Components of this CourseHours Delivery Method
Student Orientation1 HourLIVE Online (optional)
Blockchain Architecture 2014 Hours
Live Instructor AMA - bi-monthly1 Hour +LIVE Online (optional)

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain a detailed understanding of blockchain security, threats, vulnerabilities, and examples of real-world attacks.
  • Grasp the current regulatory landscape and legal issues related to blockchain, and anticipate potential future changes.
  • Understand and manage various types of risks, including enterprise, geopolitical, market, reputational, and compliance risks.
  • Understand and apply the factors for consideration in the design and architecture of blockchain solutions.
  • Learn about blockchain governance models and assess their impact on real-world blockchain projects.

Certificate of Completion – Blockchain Architecture 201 – 4 Hours

Blockchain Architecture 201 Course Content

Module 1. Blockchain Security Deep-Dive

  • Threats and Vulnerabilities
    • Smart Contract
    • Protocol level
    • Network level
    • Real world attack examples

Module 2 – The Regulatory Landscape

  • Government Regulations
  • Blockchain Legal Issues
  • Looking forward

Module 3 – Risk Management

  • Enterprise Risk
  • Geopolitical Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Reputational Risk
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Compliance Risk

Module 4 – Blockchain Solution Architecture Considerations

Modeled on sample solution design document

  • Executive Overview
  • Problem Statement
  • SMART Goals and the Definition of “Success”
  • Guiding Principles
  • Solution Design and Architecture
    • Platform Selection and Concerns
    • Network Considerations
    • Solution Design (Assets, Participants, Transactions, Queries, Events)
  • General Timeline of Events
  • Potential Risks
  • Data Dictionary

Module 5 – Blockchain Governance Concerns

  • Governing Shared IT Infrastructure
  • The “I’m okay, You’re okay” review process
  • Consortiums, DAOs, and decentralized governance models

Module 6 – Blockchain in the Real World

  • An overview of some real-world blockchain projects
  • What impact are they having?
  • Are there lessons that can be learned?

Course Information

  • Dates: Rolling Enrollment
  • Location: OnDemand & LIVE Online
  • Tuition: $249
  • Tuition Assistance
  • 4 Total Hours
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Additional Information

  • Module Quizzes and Knowledge Checks
  • Guest Lectures & Networking
  • Student Orientation
  • LIVE Online Instructor AMAs
  • Certification Exam Prep

Certification Competencies

Content within this course contributes to 10 to 15% of the Focus Areas as defined in the Web3 Certification Association (W3CB) Ethereum Developer Level 2 and Blockchain Enterprise Professional Level 3 Certification Exam Competencies.

Review all W3CB Focus Areas

Certification Program Options



  • Introduction to Blockchain Scrum Master
  • Blockchain Development Decision
  • Introduction to DevOps
  • zk-SNARKS Essentials
  • Smart Contract Security
  • Solidity Smart Contract Developer (EVM)
  • Understanding L1 and L2 Blockchains
  • Exam Voucher: W3CB Blockchain Solidity Smart Contract Developer Certification
  • Ethereum Enterprise Strategist
  • Setting up Your Ethereum Developer Environment
  • Ethereum DApp Developer
  • Blockchain Architecture 101
  • Blockchain Architecture 201
  • Scrum Methods for Blockchain
  • Scrum Master Architecting Solutions by Combining Agile Methodologies
  • Exam Voucher: W3CB Ethereum Developer Certification


  • Web3 Foundations
  • Blockchain Foundations
  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Intensive
  • AI Essentials
  • Exam Voucher: W3CB Web3 Foundations Level 1 Certification
  • Blockchain Development Decision
  • Key Management
  • Blockchain Enterprise Strategy
  • Fundamentals of DeFi & Primitives
  • Non-fungible Token Essentials
  • Tokenomic Essentials
  • Understanding L1 and L2 Blockchains
  • Exam Voucher: W3CB Blockchain Enterprise Advocate Level 2 Certification
  • Introduction to DevOps
  • Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness
  • Risk Management for Blockchain-Based Technology Companies
  • Data Protection Regulation: GDPR, CPRA/CCPA
  • OFAC Compliance Essentials
  • Introduction to Blockchain Scrum Master
  • Blockchain Architecture 101
  • Blockchain Architecture 201
  • Exam Voucher: W3CB Blockchain Enterprise Professional Level 3 Certification